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Meeting The Creator: Piepke

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At first look it’s probable that you’ll get a shock. A shock of senses, a neurogenic confusion of brain cells, a primary “I love it but I don’t know what’s going on with me here” aesthetic reaction. You cannot configure if the purpose of the artist is to give you a boner or to trouble your mind. But Piepke primary is an artist. And in art, the code of beauty is an overall perception.
Cute characters like from a kid’s TV show with big dicks, male and female blending, and glittering decadence. A world of personalities inspired by the 80’s short lived group of people “Blitz Kids”.
Piepke, although a mighty and avant-garde Aries, was very kind to answer his way, to some “essay” topics given by me, homocomix:
Copyright © 2010 PiepkeAll Rights Reserved.

"Your childhood and the pencil as a phallic symbol"
Not really as a phallic symbol, but more as a tool to enjoy myself... mmm sounds phallic after all, no?!
I remember vividly in kindergarten being praised for my creative solutions.
We had to draw a horse, but I found it too difficult... the body, the neck and the legs, it was too complicated to get it right.
So I drew a knight's horse with a cape over it, like that I could skip drawing the body and most of the legs.
My teacher was very impressed about that, and in my memory of that time I was very pleased with the pad on the shoulder, actually I was very proud...
As I still remember it so I must have been. I was about six years old.

"Relationship with superheroes" 
I think I'm more impressed by anti-heroes, I like it when there's a little default, a little edge...
I can't seem to take a perfect character seriously, even I residence the biggest part of my time in a fantasy world, the perfection type of thing doesn’t appeal to me that much.
It's so much more interesting if there's a little thing broken, if something is bit dirty, a bit politically incorrect.
That's why I made my own version of Snow White, the 'real' Snow White is such a boring creature, ladadida all is well and let's be a happy twat...
My Snow White is a bored out of her mind drug dealer.
Copyright © 2010 PiepkeAll Rights Reserved.

"Gender illusion"
Gender illusion, or gender confusion, is one of my favorite topics to work around.
I am from that 'boy-george-changed-everything-generation' of the early eighties.
Along with that, there where images and reports of The Blitz Kids and the Taboo crowd in magazines, filtering through to the little village I was living in way way back.
Since then I was, and still am, amazed by people who transform themselves either by makeup and costume... or by knives and needles, plastic surgery.
I think we live in an incredible time when it comes to alternating one’s body image.
It's like you can sculpture yourself, even with gender... it's not any longer man versus woman, it's not that black and white anymore.
That doesn't mean there are various shades of grey in-between, no, it's like a whole rainbow.
Not that it gets easily accepted, but that's a whole other discussion.

"The loneliness of the visionary"
I don't want to call myself a visionary, that's not up to me, but I like a certain degree of loneliness when I’m working.
No interference of other people’s thoughts or opinions.
In the other hand collaborating with other spirits can be very very fruitful...
I sound like a Gemini now, though I’m a real Aries... :)
But nothing is better than getting in a flow/stream of ideas and manifest them on my own in my little work studio only accompanied by my lovely cat.

"Exhibitions and exhibitionism"
Exhibitions are exhibitionist, aren't they?
I've been very lucky to be able to get great reactions to my work from a whole variety of people,
Not just the gay male community, but also mamas and papas... and grandmas...straights, bisexuals, gays... the whole lot I guess
And that's a damn good feeling.
I think it has to do with the fact that how dirty or shocking a subject might be, it just has to be sexy. I want to portray it in a sexy way.

"Living or leaving from art"
Living, I surely don't want to leave.
But it ain’t always an easy tittie do to so.
I have had different kind of day jobs over the past few years, from assistant curator to interior stylist for photo productions (also a few less interesting ones as a barman, handyman, chauffeur, ...) but in the end most of the jobs I did had brought me something I can work with now. As a curator I learned a lot about compositions from dealing with other artists their work and by putting up exhibitions. As a stylist on photo shoots I learned a great deal about lightning and art directing... about fine tuning.
So in the end, they paid me more than just a monthly payment.
At the moment I don't have a day job and I’m trying to live from my work, which is sometimes more surviving than living :)

"People supporting you"
Again I’ve been lucky by the support of some dear old old friends, and in particular my husband who support me and believes in what I do.

"Your characters 50 years from now"
Because, I will be. I don't believe in keep the production going on by other people.
Not like a lot of successful comic concepts that keep going on after the creator stopped, due to the fact they gel old... or died.
When a fashion designer dies and the label continues, I don't like that... the true creator is gone.
But I do hope my work will not disappear.
Copyright © 2010 PiepkeAll Rights Reserved.

"Angel of inspiration”
Many things can trigger my imagination... it's the best high there is, tapping into the stream of ideas and thoughts.
It seems to be a never-ending story.
I am very inspired (and amazed) by people who transform themselves with makeup and costumes, transformations beyond gender... take a look at the 80's blitz kids, 90's club kids and the more recent freak chic's... or even better take a look at the legacy of Leigh Bowery. He is a true inspiration, not only to me... he's been used as an inspiration to many, sadly he's been more copied than taken as an inspiration. Also religion is an inspiration that is never ending, religion gives you comedy, tragedy, horror, drama all rolled into one!!!
Progress wise it's either I have a clear idea/ concept of how a piece has to look in the end, or it's the complete opposite and during sketching more ideas come up. Good example of that it's the Hello Klitty piece... i started out with a cat like character that would be licking, so then there came the idea of using a vagina in it's face with a tongue. So then the link with hello kitty came quickly, 'oh well hello klitty'... and what does a klitty cat eat? Right, Klit Kat...
Copyright © 2010 PiepkeAll Rights Reserved.

“Work in progress”
Currently working on the third issue of my comic magazine Shoot Your Slut, collaborating with an animation studio to create my first animation (a videoclip). Also participating in Design Warriors Contemporary Characters Exhibition in Singapore... exhibition at Gallery Povocatrice in Amsterdam this summer... and i'm slowly starting thinking on new pieces for gallery show later this year... so i'm not bored :)

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