Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fredo Hot Chilly Pepper

He might chose Fredo as his short name, but I can guarantee he's a hot young Mexican.
I've listed him in my top friends on myspace as soon as I saw his first uploads on his profile.
Fredo Roagui or else Alfredo Rodriquez
has transformed this very popular illustration technique - with the clean forms and loungy style- in a very unique view with collage and patterns giving a retro and sentimental outcome. Themes mostly inspired by mythology and very delicate but masculine male figures.

This guy has a remarkable taste on music [respect for his favourite music artists list esp Radiohead, Amy and Franz Ferdinand] and men of course!





al_rguez said... doesnt exist anymore!!
go visit soon online!!

Thanx for the review!!

Alfredo Roagui

Fredo said...

Its now online!.. (and still working on it!.. but you can go and see the changes!)



Tim said...

I love this guy's work!

JFS said...

Is that supposed to be Jesus?


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