Monday, October 08, 2007

Dronio's Drawn World

I'm really jealous of those Italians,
they're so born in art and it's so unfair for the rest of us!
Studio Dronio is a group by the talented ones called Jacopo Camagni, Marco Felicioni and Andrea Felicioni who all created Magna Veritas a "...tale of a boy born amid truth and lies.".
To get more of the artist personals, check his profile at myspace and his worx at the other one on deviantart.
To sum up, I know from my experience on tourists on greek islands that Italians have the hottest bodies [french guys too]! It's what comes up from their designs, those not so built up but masculine and sexy characters.
If you're so queen to think I'm wrong, check their pictures on the sites above!


CandyMan said...

I am really liking the animated gay porn. I have visited a lot of sites, and I have to say that yours is exceptionally good. I will keep coming back!


homocomix said...

Oh CandyMan, thank you so much, I'm so flattered!
And so touched by your site, I can hardly breathe.. I'm kidding, but truth is that I've found a huge amount of feedstock for my inspiration in your page!

CandyMan said...

I'm glad i could inspire you homocomix. Keep up the great artwork!!



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