Thursday, August 09, 2007

Holly Mother

Remember Manolis Kalapathiotakis, ok if you're not greek why should you? but then again, why don't you try to get accustomed to spiritual ideas such as Holly Mother the Dehomosexualkisser?
I don't know if gay stuff all started in greek mythology, but over shouting drama queen is surely a traditional aspect of greek province, er, I mean Greece.
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maria said...

Manolis rules!
It's a wonderfully funny comic and it's a shame the magazine can't make ends meet because of low subscriber's number.
It is great to see a post about the comic here!

homocomix said...

Ah Maria Maria.. free press in greece is a pain in the ass on many ways. Luckily Mr. Ilias Kyriazis kept on making "Manolis" still now, in this web version of the magazine 10percent. Great to see you here too! ;)

mahler76 said...

αν και αναπαράγει όλα τα κλισέ της gay ελληνικής ζωής, είναι καλό ως κόμικ.


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