Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A real gay comic person

There's this guy at my job, who works as a security guard.
He's got the body of a bodybuilder, he's around 45, well tanned, he's very sensitive with diet, he always gets nervous when we order pizza or sweets or even cafe latte.
So far so good.

The story of this guy is real, it's not made up from my sick, comic-polluted mind.
He started talking to me, showing me pictures of chicks he likes, on his smart phone. They were all muscled to death, ready to explode, nothing feminine except of their hairstyle, like the one on the pic above. He commented that facebook deleted two times his account because he uploaded several of these pictures.

As I was browsing his photosets -there were some interesting ones of him wearing a bodybuilders string, though his stuff seemed to be invisible- I saw a couple pictures of Osho, the guru. I was impressed that he had a sort of philosophical interest, apart from whatever is related to his body looks. He was proud to mention that Osho is a great master, very smart, blah blah blah.

Next to our job there's a lesbian bar. That means that there are many homosexuals passing by the front of our door to visit the bar.

One day we had a break with some other colleagues and asked the waitress of our bar if she would ever try to have sex with a woman. The girl got upset and returned the question to him, if he would ever try to have sex with a man. Very comfortably he answered that he has tried many times, that gays love his body and whenever he's horny he goes to a gay bar to "fuck a fag". We froze after this statement, but we all admired his courage to share something like this with people he doesn't know very well in his job. Immediately, after our nervous pause, he said that he's not (of course) homosexual, but he has no problem penetrating a male. Another female coworker, informed him that the term homosexual refers to people who have any sort of sexual intercourse with the same sex. But he (pretended he) wasn't listening.

Few days later, he was very angry and shouted at some poor, dirty immigrants. He said that we're full of immigrants, the government should throw them away. I asked him why he's so mean against the immigrants, they're just people suffering and he said something like they stink in the bus, they're not civilized etc and that he's proud to be Greek. Now, that worried me more than anything. I told him that Osho's Buddhist teachings were saying that people are one, no matter their nationality. He replied "oh, that Osho, didn't always know what he was saying, I like him but not everything he says".

Then one other day he was furious again with some gay boys, who were passing outside our front door holding their hands. "Those fags, we're full of fags, the hell with fags!". Everybody got furious with him and the boy at the reception laughed at him, saying, "come on man, they're ok when you go to gay bars to fuck them, but now you're insulted?". He murmured something and stopped talking to us.

After our summer holidays I saw him few days ago. He was tattooed with our national flag and a nationalist phrase on his arm. 

And I still wonder if this is a typical sample of homophobes and nationalists.


breezer said...

Of course he isn't homophobes and nationalists he is just stupid and cant think straight :-)))

g for george said...

I thought there was something weird about the guy and then you mention he's Greek. End of story :-)

These kind of guys are so typical in every country. So afraid of being who they really are that it all gets twisted inside. Those are the worst homophobes.


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